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Học tiếng Anh: Điều Jack Ma tự tin đua với Bill Gates

Học tiếng Anh: Điều Jack Ma tự tin đua với Bill Gates

Video: South China Morning Post 

1. He never stop being a teacher

The thing I learned from being a teacher that a teacher always wants his students to be more successful and …(1)… than you are. When I hire people, I always want to hire those people who are smarter than I am. Today I give a lot of advice to my colleagues: When they hire people, there’s one …(2)… Look at the young man, if you think he will be your …(3)… in five years, hire him. 

2. Taobao’s humble beginnings: a house full of rubbish

In 2003 when I …(4)… Taobao and Tmall, I said everybody go home, look for four things to list on the website. So we went home, everybody couldn’t find four things at home we could sell because we were too …(5)… So we …(6)… 21 …(7)…, we listed on the website, we waited for three days, nobody came to buy. The next week we started to buy and sell ourselves. For the first week, all the sales were among ourselves.

Another week later, somebody started testing sell(ing). For almost 30 days, everything people sell, we all buy them. So we have a whole house of …(8)… we bought …(9)…, trying to make sure that those guys who sold, who are able to sell say “Oh wow, this thing really can sell things”.

3. Where he can compete with Bill Gates

People say “Jack, you are the …(10)… Bill Gates”. I say I cannot compete with Bill Gates, but I can compete with Bill Gates who can …(11)… earlier. The thing is, I don’t want to …(12)… in my office, want to …(12)… on the beaches. I don’t have time to spend on the beach, that’s why I always dream one day I’ll be on the beaches. 

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